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Kingdom Armory Custom All Titanium Omega #1 Folding Knife 3.125" …
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The knives you see within my product line are all designed as hard use, multi purpose outdoor knives. Each are extremely capable cutting tools and will serve the end user for a lifetime. I recognize that one knife may not serve all specialized purposes but I do feel that a well thought out design can carry through several models, creating a continuity and familiarity within the product line. Balancing strength and purpose within an efficient and unique design is what I strive to accomplish.

In creating my designs, I’ve thought long and hard about how I personally use a knife. What I’ve realized is that for 90% of my cutting needs, I’m only using the first 3 inches or so of the blade. A blade much longer than 5″ just kept me from being able to choke up far enough to really be able to control that first 3″ of blade. In addition to that, I think the usefulness of a properly designed handle is often overlooked. I like to be able to choke way up for detailed cutting, or move my hand way back if I’m striking the spine with something to split kindling, etc… I also find that guards, and sub-hilts get in the way and limit the manner in which I can hold the knife. I’ve decided I could eliminate them and still build a blade that minimized the risk of a hand slipping onto the cutting surface by using an aggresive sculpting texture on the scales. More subtle than that however, the handle tang itself is tappered and gradually gets wider as you move toward the waist of the knife. I’d rather see a knife slip forward and out of your hand, than have it slip back into your hand and deliver a nasty cut when you’re hours or days away from medical treatment. The best way to handle a bad cut in the field is not to get cut in the first place.

Of all the fixed blades you see featured here, two of my most popular are called the “Stavesacre” and the “Blackthorn” …. the Savesacre is the bigger of the two with an overal length of 10″ and a 4.5″ cutting edge. Additionally, this is the full sized model represented in the interactive roll-over schematic. The Blackthorn model sports a blade that is an inch shorter with a more pronounced drop in the nose. The Blackthorn is 9.25″ OAL with a 3.5″ cutting edge. The Backthorn was also designed with an influence toward a field utility blade that would be good for skinning and game processing chores. The Stavesacre… being longer with a straighter tip profile, also fill the need of the tactical and self defense role… as well as being a good allround general purpose blade. The schematic drawing further explains the other features that both share in common.  Both models are also available with an abreviated handle, which adds the designation “SD” to the knife name and removes 1.75″ off the handle. This is a result of requests for a more concealable knife, where the longer handle might interfere with the user’s style of carring the knife, who still needs the general useabilty and strength of either blade design.

I’ve also just added a smaller fixed blade to my line called the “Grailing” CCW. This knife has been specifically designed with a leaning toward concealed carry or for attachment to a back pack strap. This is essentially a big knife in a small package. It sports many of the same features as my other fixed blades with the offset blade/handle orientation, heavy handle sculpting, and extremely durable thick stock construction. Unique to this model however is the thinner profiled drop point blade and and overal length of just 6.75″ and a cutting edge of 3.25″. You’ll also find that this particular model, although being the smallest in my line… really locks in tight when held in reverse grip.

For strength and edge retention purposes I’ve chosen to make use of Crucible’s S30V stainless steel or Chad Nichols stainless damascus, heat treated exclusively by Paul Bos. Currently, all of my models are being offered in precision ground .160″ material with some of my larger fixed blades going up to .250″ in thickness. ( Edge geometry varies depending on customer request, and model design… all are heat treated to a Rockwell between 57-59 for maximum strength and ease of end-user sharpening).

Truth be told, regardless of the steel thickness and sharpening angle, you could drive any of these knives into a tree trunk with a sledge hammer in order to step up into your tree stand.

Kingdom Armory extends a lifetime warranty (my lifetime). If you break it during normal use, I’ll replace it…. pending you didn’t drive it into a tree with a sledgehammer to access your tree stand. That’s what screw in foot pegs are for, anyway…

God speed & safe hunting.