EOS Brew Blaster
Specifically designed for shotgunning, the Brew Blaster is also a capable conventional can and bottle opener when you're not trying to drink a beer in five seconds.
EOS Dorado Folding Knife
The Dorado is a purpose built combat knife with a large handle for gloves hands and an extremely stout build quality.
EOS Knife Card
Whether you need to open your beer, tighten some loose bolts, or open an over-taped package, you will never run out of uses for this awesome tool!
EOS Krab Fixed Blade Knife
The Krab is EOS' first EDC fixed blade design which includes an IWB Kydex sheath for easy, convenient carry.
EOS Mako Pry Bar Multi-Tool
The Mako falls right inbetween the Mini and full-size Sharks in terms of size and is packed with a plethora of useful features.
EOS Neptune Flipper Knife
The Neptune is a tough as nails EDC knife with great aesthetics and superior fit and finish.
EOS Orca-S Flipper Folding Knife
The Orca-S is highlighted by a modified tanto blade and flipper tab design that is very reminiscent of the apex predator for which this knife is named.
EOS Prawn Friction Folder
The Prawn is EOS' first friction folder, compact in size yet large in cutting power.
EOS Screw Blaster Bit Driver
Designed to accept any 0.25" Hex bit, the Screw Blaster is compact and light enough to fit on a keyring without weighting it down.
EOS Serpent Butterfly Knife
Designed by KC Knives' Kyle Chumchal, the Serpent is a sleek, smooth bali for both the beginner and experienced flipper alike.
EOS Shark Pry Bar Multi-Tool
One of the best keychain bottle openers in terms of both design and value, the Shark is a total pocket performer in a petite package.
EOS Shorty Mini Hatchet
The Shorty Mini Hatchet is the perfect tool for your backpack, bug out bag, or your glovebox; packing ferocious power into a compact, easily carried profile.
EOS Squid Flipper Knife
The Squid is a big, beefy flipper that will instill a sense of confidence in your tactical tool whenever you need it.
EOS Surgeon Folding Knife
The Surgeon is as straightforward as knives get, rocking a straight Wharncliffe blade and squared-off handle that truly mean business.
EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet
Money clip wallets do not get any cooler than this. Clip your bills to the front and slide up to 25 cards in the center for a 21st century wallet that carries amazingly well.
EOS Urchin Friction Folders
The Urchin is a full-size knife with a Wharncliffe blade built to effectively handle a variety of cutting tasks.
EOS WarHead Lanyard Bead
Available in a variety of materials and finishes, the WarHead is a two-piece bead with a cleaver design for a clean look unlike any other.