Epicurean Cleaver Cutting and Serving Board
This board is built for meat. You can put an entire chicken on this board and have room to spare thanks to the almost 122 square inches of real estate.
Epicurean Football Cutting and Serving Board
The Epicurean Football Board is perfect for tailgating. The "stripes" are handles to make carrying easy, and the etched "laces" serve a dual purpose; they look great and keep your food from sliding around.
Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Boards
The thicker profile of the Gourmet Series allows room for a juice groove feature on one side to capture liquids and keep countertops clean.
Epicurean Gourmet Series Utensils
Gourmet Series Utensils pair Epicurean's signature wood composite handles with durable, high-temperature nylon heads that are heat-resistant to 500°F/204°C, providing a lifetime of usability.
Epicurean Handy Series Cutting and Serving Boards
A super-handy handle helps keep a hand on this board. A strong, extended grip makes this the perfect board that doubles as a grab-and-go plate or serving platter.
Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Boards
Kitchen Series boards are the original Epicurean cutting boards. Their thin profile, durability and easy cleanup make this series one of their top sellers.
Epicurean Kitchen Series Utensils
These have the look and feel of traditional wood but are far better. Epicurean Kitchen Series Utensils won't crack or stain and are dishwasher safe. Perfect for everyday use.
Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Boards
Removable silicone corners on Epicurean's original cutting board help grip the surface to prevent slips and slides. These are just like the Kitchen Series, but designed for those who prefer a non-slip feature.
Epicurean Novelty Series Cutting and Serving Boards
Wildlife and other distinctively designed shapes make for entertaining presentations as well as great gifts.
Epicurean Pizza Peels
Perfect for building pizzas, slipping them in and out of the oven, slicing and serving.
Epicurean Poly Series Cutting Boards
The thin profile on these boards make them surprisingly lightweight without sacrificing durability.
Epicurean Prep Series Cutting Boards
Prep Series cutting boards by Epicurean feel right at home in any kitchen. They are the lightest and thinnest boards in Epicurean's line, but no less durable.
Epicurean Silicone Series Utensils
The handles made from Epicurean's signature wood composite combined with removable, heat-resistant silicone heads (to 500°F/260°C) create a line of tools that are functional and super easy to clean.
Epicurean Wood Fiber Pizza Cutter
A simple rocking motion of this durable cutter makes for quick, clean cuts of the thinnest to the thickest pizzas.
Epicurean Cutting and Serving Boards
Epicurean Cutting and Serving boards are designed to go from the heart of the kitchen to the center of any table, party buffet or event.
Epicurean Pizza Tools
Epicurean pizza peels won't warp, crack, or stain like traditional wood pizza peels and the rocking cutters won't push toppings off the pie like old-fashioned rolling cutters.
Epicurean Utensils
Epicurean Utensils won’t scratch non-stick surfaces, are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. These utensils look and feel like wood but they won't fade, crack, stain or split.