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The seeds of Biegler Bladeworks were sewn in 1999 when two important events occurred in my martial arts journey. First, I began my training partnership with Ken Nishikawa in Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Second, I decided that I had come to a point in my Kali training where I was ready to embrace the live blade that my sticks represented. Ready to take this step I began searching the web for blades that would fill this gap, but what I discovered instead was the dearth of weapons that fit my specific needs. I found blades both long and short that fit mainly into two categories: One was that of original pieces from SE Asia, ranging from museum quality antiques to blades that may be around 50 to 100 years old and in various states of decay. In my travels to SE Asia I have picked up a collection of blades like this and I cherish them, but due to their age and construction I hesitated to put them into play at the intensity I would while training.

The second category of blades was that of modern blades simply adapted to martial use. This could best be exemplified by the machete used as a sword or a camp/hunting/survival knife being used as a martial weapon. I compare this state of affairs to that of a Japanese sword arts practitioner. With the click of a mouse you can purchase authentic nihonto from modern smiths in Japan, custom katana and fittings from smiths in the USA, production swords from Bugei, Paul Chen and their contemporaries, and even wall hangers off home shopping television.

As it turns out Ken was having the same thoughts and had already begun applying his design talent and martial arts knowledge to the problem.  Ken has been designing, testing, re-designing, and perfecting edged and impact weapons since 1997. The designs are as pleasing to look at as they are to feel in the hand. These are not knives for chopping wood or machetes for hacking foliage, but balanced and engineered to fit their intended martial application. Just like a katana and wakazashi, an espada y daga, a kampilan, daab, barong, kris, sewar, badik, karambit, renjong or Igorot head axe.

*Disclaimer* The blades are designed for practice purpose only and are not toys. Before attempting the types of manipulation done with a stick make sure you know what you are doing. Misuse may result in injury. Buyer agrees to hold Biegler Bladeworks harmless in the event of damage or loss resulting from their use or misuse. Buyer is solely responsible for observing local laws and should be aware that edged tools, knives and the like may be illegal to possess or carry where you live.

VERY IMPORTANT! Buyer is solely responsible for customs clearance for whatever country their order ships to. Biegler Bladeworks is not, and cannot be liable for the actions of customs officials in any country.

By entering into any transaction with Biegler Bladeworks, buyer implies having read and understood this disclaimer.