Casstrom Sweden No.3 Dangler with Cognac Brown Belt Loop - OS10101


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CASSOS10101: No.3 Dangler with Cognac Brown Belt Loop
Casstrom Sweden
Casstrom's No.3 Dangler is an ingenious accessory to let your knife hang further down from the waist, dangle freely so that you can move easily and make handling on and off the belt smoother. The specially designed D-ring carabiner can also be used for other tasks.

Many of Casstrom's customers have requested an extended belt loop, a "dangler" so that the knife can be easily accessed even when you have a jacket on or a large backpack with a hip belt. With a Dangler, it also becomes easy to sit down without the knife getting in the way. When the pouch or sheath hangs it can be bent at the height of the hip joint which allows the knife to smoothly follow your legs movement - you can run, climb and bend almost without noticing the knife.

Casstrom has also designed the D-ring as a carabiner and thus opened up many improved features and applications. You can easily take the knife off without having to open your belt, you can easily move the knife to your backpack for example, or just quickly take it off if you are approaching a populated area. The D-ring is made of sturdy 8mm thick aluminum and in tests, the breaking strength has exceeded 400kg which means that you can use it for lots of different purposes, for example, to hang up the equipment, pull an animal or anchor a dog leash to your waist. It can also be used for suspending a tarp or hammocks.

Note that the D-ring should not be used for climbing since a bad fall can create forces that exceed 400kg even if the person is not heavy.

The belt loop is made of sturdy 3 mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide available in Cognac Brown, Black or Dark Brown. The loop can take belts with a width up to 2.25". The Dangler's D-ring will take knife sheaths with a belt loop up to 1.375" wide.
  • Aluminum Carabiner D-Ring
  • Veg Tanned Leather Belt Loop
  • Exact Fit to Casstrom Knife Sheaths
Casstrom Sweden No.3 Dangler with Cognac Brown Belt Looprated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Casstrom Sweden No.3 Dangler with Cognac Brown Belt Loop
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tom Horn
Sep 22, 2018
Pros: Overall Quality, Durability, Carry Position
Cons: None
It was a Dark Moonless Night In the Deep Forest…
There were four of us: a father, his two young sons on their first raccoon hunt, and I. I was carrying a nice custom bird ‘n’ trout fixed blade I had purchased that summer on a family vacation to the Upper Peninsula. It was riding on my belt in a handsome leather sheath, no rivets, no liner from the factory. The younger brother took the first raccoon early on, and was prouder than a strutting peacock. We had treed a second coon, and the older sibling was ready to even the score, when the raccoon decided he had other plans, and pulled a Harry Houdini on us, leaping from the tree, and streaking away like a lightning bolt. We took chase in hot pursuit, like four Keystone Cops in an old silent movie, through briars and brambles, over logs, under leaners, down through gullies and creek beds, over long forgotten barb wire fences. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> About midnight I looked down in the glare of my headlamp and noted a long dark stain running the length of my right trouser leg. What the …!!!? Somewhere in the exertion of the hunt, my torso had pressed down on the top of the knife handle, sending the blade slicing through the sheath and my upper thigh. I never felt a thing. My boot was squishing in a pool of blood, and we were 75 miles of back roads, and a long hike from the nearest hospital. Sister Sara got me drunk on some whisky, heated a bowie knife in the fire, and gave me a bullet to bite on while she … No, wait, that’s a different story. I grabbed some dental floss, and a sewing needle from my ditty bag, and stitched up the wound. Just kidding. I just applied a dressing, and we hike back to the truck and performed an amputation with a rusty axe. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I had a point to this story somewhere. Oh, Yeah. Sheath danglers make sense for comfort and safety so you don’t keep getting poked in the ribs with the handle, or stabbed in the leg with the blade. They are great for camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, ranch/farm/yard work, mushroom hunting, etc., where you will be doing a lot of bending, stooping, sitting, and such. They can be a little noisy for stalking game animals, where I usually prefer a Kydex/thermoplastic, or hybrid Kydex/leather sheath, no dangler. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I’m liking this handsome No. 3 Dangler from Casstrom, of Lapland, Sweden. The carbiner makes it easy to remove the sheath. I noted no excess noise from the dangler, just a little swishing/patting against the pant leg as you walk; but, note from picture above, that you can add a leg strap to the No. 10 sheath. Drops your sheath down 5”. Looks great/authentic with your Casstrom No. 10 Swedish Forest Knife (excellent knife, available @, but will work well with most fixed blade sheaths.


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