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Parker Double Edge Three Piece Safety Razor, 3" Long, Black Handle - 071R


Part #: CC071R | Parker Safety Razors
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CC071R: 71R Black Double Edge Safety Razor
Parker Safety Razors
Parker Double Edge Safety Razor three-piece design with black/chrome plated handle. Handle unscrews from the head to allow changing of the blades. Made in India. Very solid and well built razor! These are great quality razors for the money but do not expect the same quality as the old Gillette razors.

Double edged stainless steel replacement blades can be found here.

UPC Code: 003502

Parker Double Edge Three Piece Safety Razor, 3" Long, Black Handle4.333 (6 reviews)
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Parker Double Edge Three Piece Safety Razor, 3" Long, Black Handle
5 out of 5
Nostalgic Ned
Martinsburg WV
Mar 10, 2017
Pros: Overall Quality, Durability
Cons: None
Love it!
This safety razor is built like a tank! High quality with silky smooth operation. Feels good in the hand with it's longer handle. This is a great choice , especially if you want a classier look.
Parker Double Edge Three Piece Safety Razor, 3" Long, Black Handle
5 out of 5
Joe C
Petawawa, On
Feb 05, 2016
Pros: None
Cons: None
Pinochet is an idiot
I have been using exclusively safety razors with shaving soap for over a year and I really really do not at all miss multi blade modern razors even a little bit. I occasionally have to use one in the field for work as a soldier and I tell you I really miss my safety every damn time. So much the better shave. Takes a few minutes longer, maybe 3 or 4 tops, but I feel more proud, like I put something into it. Like building your own deck or shed. There is something artisanal about the process and I come out feeling smoother and my skin feels more fresh, as though there was never hair there to begin with. So really, you save a fortune on razors, you learn a skill that makes you feel like a real damn man, you look like a boss and fascinate women. For real though, women are blown away by this shave. My girlfriends and liasons have all been just riveted to my ablution routine. Your face feels all the better when you are done and you come out all around a winner in the end at the cost of maybe a few minutes of prep time a day, which... honestly I think is more from me using specific soaps than anything.What I like to do is use a good soap like Kent, Prorasso or Razzorock. Use a mug to lather in with a badger brush, do not do this on your face... I know there are people who do but... come on. Apply generous amount to all undesired hair. Shave AGAINST the grain first. Rinse and then repeat with the grain this time, two quick shaves should take more than 10 minutes with perhaps a few minutes of soap prep and a rubbing of after shave lotion. Oh, definitely use lotion. Best shave of your life. I assure you, as an army guy who is required by law to shave every day... this is the bees knees.
Parker Double Edge Three Piece Safety Razor, 3" Long, Black Handle
4 out of 5
Lexington, KY
Jun 06, 2013
Pros: None
Cons: None
Excellent for the money
I purchased this razor a year or two ago. It is not the best of such razors but it is a good intro into shaving with a safety razor. As long as you practice and use quality shaving cream/oil it does a great job. I am very pleased with my purchase.
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