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Renaissance Wax

For over forty years, Renaissance Wax has been the No. 1 choice of museums for the preservation of precious items including swords and other edged weapons. Professional conservators throughout the world depend on Renaissance Wax to protect their collections. Properly applied, a little goes a long way.

Renaissance Wax is manufactured by London-based company Picreator Enterprises Ltd. under its trade name 'Renaissance'. Developed in response to the exacting needs of museums to preserve original finishes on national historic collections, there is simply no better way for our customers to protect and preserve their collection of arms and armor!

Renaissance wax polish was originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950's, in response to a discussion amongst museum technicians at an international conference on fine-art conservation.

In accelerated ageing tests, the British Museum scientist found that all current commercial waxes based on the usual natural waxes (beeswax and carnauba wax) contained acids which, in time, could spoil original finishes on national historic collections of furniture. He rejected them all and investigated the new so-called 'fossil' or microcrystalline waxes being refined out of crude oil. With their distinct characteristics depending on their geographical origins, the new 'man-made' waxes could be accurately blended to meet the needs of many industries, from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to heavy engineering. Thus, the waxes combined Nature's best qualities with the advantages of modern technology.

The blend which emerged from that research was 'designed' for long term protection of all classes of museum exhibits. At last museum technicians and others caring for important collections could use wax polish that neither caused future conservation problems nor detracted from the intrinsic values of their treasures.

Commercial production and distribution of the polish was ultimately undertaken in 1968 by the London-based company Picreator Enterprises Ltd. under its trade name 'Renaissance'. The product was quickly accepted in the international museum world and has become a universally respected standard conservation material - probably the most widely specified - because of its almost unlimited uses.


  • Renaissance Wax 65 ml (2.25 oz can)
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Made in England

UPC Code: 649387000014

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Renaissance Wax Micro-Crystalline Polish 200 ml (7 oz can)rated 5.000 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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Renaissance Wax Micro-Crystalline Polish 200 ml (7 oz can)
rated 5 stars out of 5
Maria V.
Troy, NY
May 26, 2012
Pros: Effectiveness
Cons: None
Well worth the price
This is a great product. I used it on a recently purchased vintage dining room set. The person I bought it from had used some kind of furniture spray like Pledge to spiff it up to sell, which probably made it look worse than it did before. After cleaning the wood, I used this polish and it looks and feels fantastic! It gives the wood a soft lustre and the finish is totally smooth and dry: no tackiness at all. The product is a bit smelly, so be sure to have decent ventilation. It is very easy to use: only a little elbow grease required. Although a bit expensive, you only need to use a small amount for a good result. I polished a 96" table, 6 chairs, 50" side board, and china cabinet and barely made a dent in jar. I highly recommend this product.
Renaissance Wax Micro-Crystalline Polish 200 ml (7 oz can)
rated 5 stars out of 5
Wood Worker
Gainesville, Florida
Apr 04, 2012
Pros: Effectiveness, Packaging
Cons: None
Fabulous, just fabulous.
The best thing I could have ever hoped to find to protect and archive my fine art wood pieces. Heaven sent. Can be safely applied to any type of media/paint/application I would ever use. offers the lowest price on "Ren" that I have found on the internet - believe me, I searched.


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