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ASP 16 inch Talon Cerakote Steel DiscLoc Baton, Foam Grip T40KB


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ASP 16" Talon Cerakote Steel DiscLoc Baton, Foam Grip T40KB
rated 5 stars out of 5
Mar 01, 2014
Pros: Weight, Balance, Construction, Materials
Cons: None

Best build/concealing/weight balance/coating quality on the market

Before buying this particular baton, I read a lot about "Monadnock vs ASP" topics on several different forums, threads, discussion clubs, police forums, "youtube" streams etc. Despite the fact that most of the people consider Monadnock to be delivering better quality, I can state that these 2 brands are equal competitors on the market in terms of autolock products. Just because I owned "Monadnock Autolock 26'' and still owning "Monadnock Autolock 18". So I was able to compare my user experience and share it with urban self-defence interested audience.

Important life-saving "pros":
- high quality cerakote finish, which does not reflect light (does not attract attention) and does not scratch after regular baton usage
- best concealing options on the market - handle length is 17,8 cm (7 inches) - you can easily wear it in your pocket/handbag, there is no need to buy a special sheath or holder for it. Smaller baton will not be helpful, because you lose that important distance between you and your rival. If you wearing glasses, you would prefer to maintain that distance, instead of cutting it
- perfect weight balance - baton is heavy enough to protect you from heavy strike, if you managed to lift your hand with it and counter the attack successfully and still allows you to output a lot of damage per second w/o any tiring. Longer batons will be considerably heavier to handle and operate, you may not be able to protect yourself efficiently and may lose a dangerous strike, when seconds decide everything
- If you are under attack in a narrow corridor, you are still able to counter efficiently without unfolding the baton - grip the handle in your fist and strike back, when space allows and you survived a sudden attack - unfold the baton and win the fight; baton features 40cm of length which is ideal to protect yourself in any narrow corridor
- foam grip is excellent - I was skeptical about it, but it turns out to be just great; it is not a "some wooly foam", it features short, confident, non-irritating grip
- of course, button on the end of the handle allows you to fold the baton smoothly, making all friction-lock batons senseless & inefficient
- smallest Monadnock autolock would be 18'', while this one has 16'' of length - another winning option

Cons: none, it features everything I need

Humble advice to potential civilian buyers:
- do not get relaxed after picking autolock mechanism over casual friction lock, after deciding that one brand is better than the other - this ASP Talon autolock baton does not lose anything to any other competitor on the market - build quality is excellent
- "bigger is not better" - do not rush for 21'', 22'', 26'' autolock batons which have longer handles - you will not be able to conceal it, you will definitely need a holder to wear it, thus revealing baton presence; after playing with my Monadnock autolock 26'' for 10 minutes - I decided to sell it, because the huge handle cannot fit ANY pocket or handbag, heavy as hell and consequently slow
- you can still pick 21'', 22'', 26'' autolock batons - only if you are 190cm tall or higher, 95-100kg or heavier, have highly developed and trained muscular system, which is characteristic mostly to policemen, military personal, private detectives
- being a civilian, do not lie to yourself, baton will not save you, if your physical condition will not allow you to use it
- avoid buying baton less than 16'' - there is no sense buying batons which has "lower arm strength" to produce damage, physics tell all about it
- when picking "airweight" variants of baton, remember that lightweight is not achieved by magic - it means that middle part of the baton is made of aluminium, that will easily bend and destroy your baton after a single fight, plus lighter batons produce less power output

ASP 16" Talon Cerakote Steel DiscLoc Baton, Foam Grip T40KB
rated 5 stars out of 5
Apr 16, 2018
Pros: Weight, Balance, Construction, Materials
Cons: None

Simply Awesome

The baton is well constructed and you can feel the quality.