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ASP 15.75 inch Steel Agent A40 Concealable Baton, Black Chrome


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ASP 15.75" Steel Agent A40 Concealable Baton, Black Chrome
rated 5 stars out of 5
Protection Operator
Oct 06, 2020
Pros: Weight, Balance, Construction, Materials
Cons: None

Excellent product & worth the price

I'm a retired leo and part time close protection officer. I purchased this as a known & effective Intermediate use of force applique in my protective work. I was certified with the ASP both in my Dept and military reserve unit. The talon button/cap closure is first rate - no more slamming the tip to close the baton. This is the all steel 15.75" (40) version, small enough in closed length and diameter to CCW comfortably. It is just tip heavy enough to be able to get the job done with the minimum amount of exertion. I'm not so sure about the airweight versions. I'd rather get any unpleasant business over with the least number of strikes. With this baton I'm confident that I would be able to. It's a little tight/stuff at first. But it's getting easier to deploy and close with each practice. The only "negative" is the spring loaded Nexus clip. It doesn't hold with much force and feels flimsy. If needed I can always get a nylon or leather case for a tactical flashlight of similar dimensions. It was shipped to me on the same day I ordered it, on a Friday, and received on Tuesday
ASP 15.75" Steel Agent A40 Concealable Baton, Black Chrome
rated 4 stars out of 5
Del City, Ok
Jul 09, 2018
Pros: Construction, Materials
Cons: None

Superb EDC.

This is my third collapsible baton, I also own a 12" S&W and a 21" ASP, both friction lock. I was looking for something that could be carried every day but with more reach than the 12" model and after looking at the disc lock batons I decided to upgrade, I'm really glad I did. The main benefit is being able to pull the shafts out into the locked position without swinging your arm around like a madman. Also, when this baton clicks into position you know it's locked up and ready to go, you can feel it. Plus collapsing it is WAY LESS annoying than the standard friction lock method of banging it on the floor. Because of the slender diameter it conceals and carries almost as easy as the 12" but with much better reach.Now for the things I don't care for... the pocket clip while being movable on the grip which is really cool is almost useless for actually holding it in the pocket, it is spring loaded and doesn't seem to have enough strength. Also this baton when collapsed is the same length as my 21" while being about five inches shorter when extended. I believe this is due to the design of the locking mechanism so that's just how it goes I guess. This is a very nice baton to carry all day but I may need to find a holder of some sort.