Reviews and Ratings for CAS Hanwei Chinese Warlord Broadsword Dadao - SH1012

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CAS Hanwei Chinese Warlord Broadsword Dadao


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CAS Hanwei Chinese Warlord Broadsword Dadao
rated 5 stars out of 5
Honolulu, HI
Jun 17, 2019
Pros: Usable, Overall Quality, Blade Material, Materials
Cons: Sheath/Scabbard, None
Meat and potatoes XL knife/sword
Great historical piece had at a fair price. Item arrived well- packed in a slim cardboard box within a larger, padded box, was still easy to unwrap. Everything was ready to go and pretty self- explanatory, quite a utilitarian but in my eyes beautiful item: the blade was well- shaped, of a good thickness and well- frosted in order to help discourage pitting/spot- rusting. The scales consist of a dark- stained wood and the s- shaped guard is tough brass that's stuck on tightly. While the hilt wrapping is nylon, it's a quite attractive red hue that is at least attested in the historical records. Ring shaped pommel seems to be made of a raw, unfinished steel, different in texture than the blade. I like the item weight, not as beefy as some other dadao replicas and easy to shift your grip or swing around without totally feeling like a battle axe. The scabbard is simple to use, I wish it came with a shoulder strap but I could see how Hanwei might've viewed this thing falling out of it as some sort of legal liability. I appreciate the nylon being less amenable to rusting than the leather versions other dadaos come with. This big knife cuts with ease, didn't give it a torture test but it seems to handle your standard fruits & veggies reasonably enough and came out of the box fairly sharp; it even seems to handle a machete field sharpener fairly well, sort of like a big parang. All in all a marvelous beater blade and a real affordable piece of military history!