Reviews and Ratings for Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2" Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handles

Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2" Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handlesrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (3 reviews)
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Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2 inch Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handles


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Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2" Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tyler, TX
Feb 16, 2017
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Ease of Opening, Pocket Clip, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Excellent Folding karambit
First, please allow me to speak about my experience with Knife Center. My wife had ordered me a fox karambit for Christmas and while it was a very nice knife, it just wasn't the model I wanted ( she ordered the aluminum handle and I wanted this model....hard to send that one back though). Knife Centers' customer service was easy to contact and accepted the knife back and refunded our money with no problems at all and in a very timely manner. A pleasure to work with and order from!! Now, after all the Seasonal madness is over she purchased me this model with the Coyote FDE G-10 handle for "Valentines Day". If you have any doubts about ordering from Knife Center please rest assured that if you do not like the knife you ordered you can return the UNUSED knife with no problems. Now, this knife was ordered for the purpose of EDC and as a self-defense knife and for no other reason. I hope I never have to use this knife but should the need arise it will always be there. The pocket clip is solid and secure and holds the knife well in the pocket. The G-10 grips are very well constructed and are made in such a way that they will not slip in your hand even under less than ideal circumstances ( sweat, blood, water). The wave feature on the blade will open this knife on your pants pocket without fail if you index it correctly. If you do your part this knife will respond in kind. You can go from a closed knife in your pocket to a fully opened knife in your hand in less than a second if you practice diligently. The retention ring is blued or powder coated black and the sharp edges and burrs are removed from the interior and exterior of the ring. It will not abrade or cut your fingers while your finger is in the ring or while transitioning grips. This is very nice attention to detail from the folks at Fox as The Bark River Ghost II karambit I purchased (another amazing karambit) I had to sand the rings sharp edges before using it. The lock on this knife is solid and I have not had a failure to lock upon deploying this knife. It can also be easily folded, it will take a small amount of break in time, but time spent with this knife is well spent. The blade on this model comes scary sharp out of the box and the point is quite literally needle sharp!! I like the satin finish on my knives and this one is well done. Should you have to ever use this knife to defend yourself and your family, Heaven forfend, the person putting upon you is in serious trouble. This knife will create horrific wounds. While I hesitate to say that the sight of a knife will put a determined attacker off, if he has any sense left to him at all he should look elsewhere as once the point of this knife digs in and the edge takes over he will suffer grievous injury. Any one who trains diligently in the use of the karambit will be well armed with this knife. This is now my EDC karambit. My Ghost II fixed blade karambit will go to my home response belt in a custom kydex sheath and the fox will stay with me in my pocket. I am very happy with this knife it is a well thought out , designed, and implemented knife. Now for my one warning. I have been studying Filipino martial arts and edged weapons to include the karambit for years. As I stated when I reviewed the Bark River Ghost II PLEASE invest in a good training knife!! Like The Ghost II this knife is exceedingly sharp and if you are not experienced with this style of knife and indexing it with the retention ring you can suffer from "Karam-Bite". This knife, like the Bark River, WILL send you to the hospital!! I use quality aluminum trainers when I practice because stuff happens and even an experienced artist can injure himself or herself or their training partner. This knife is no joke at all. It feels light in the hand, responds well, and cuts like a laser. Train hard, train wisely, fight hard, bleed less!
Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2" Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Central NJ, USA
Jun 02, 2017
Pros: Pocket Clip, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
This knife is sick
This is my EDC knife, depending on pocket angel this knife deploys as you pull it from your pocket. Be very cautious when doing so, or watch a YouTube video, the blade is extremely dangerous and should be treated likewise. I saw this knife at our local hunting store and was amazed with it but however I wasn't amazed with the 189.99 price mark up, so I found it on knife center for 139.99 with free delivery, excellent quality.
Fox 479ESW Folding Karambit Flipper 3.2" Stonewashed N690Co Plain Blade, Dark Earth G10 Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Ottawa, ON
Oct 09, 2018
Pros: Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Weight, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality
Cons: Lock Ease of Use, None
Excellent Collectors Piece
This is a super cool knife that was on my list ever since I got into the hobby. Its a very durable and rigid folding Karambit that has survived some beating from learning a few tricks. I super recommend you never attempt to spin it around your finger with the blade out since any mistake could result in a permanent injury to your wrist and more importantly; sever some movement in your fingers. The lock up is outstanding and the Emerson opener works flawlessly. The only issue I found was that the liner lock is very hard to access since its stiff and theres no cut out in the G10 scale to access it easily with your thumb. But then again, when and if you whip this thing out, you'll most likely have all the time in the world to re-pocket it. Concealment is also a concern since the finger loop tends to stick out a good amount when using the pocket clip (is a must if you want to have a safe Emerson deployment). This isn't an issue if you want to wave around "hey I have a Karambit" but it also makes it easy to get taken right out of your pocket by anyone with an eye for these things. Nonetheless, this is a quality item from FOX and will last you a lifetime. Beware the tip is wicked sharp and can cut a lot of things just with the weight of the knife itself.