From breaking down meats, poultry and fish to vegetable prep to achieving the proper release of flavors to plate presentation, how food is cut matters. All American-made R. Murphy cooking knives and kitchen tools are carefully designed to make each component of meal preparation easier. Since 1850, R. Murphy has been handcrafting knives from the finest quality steels, hand-honing them to a razor sharp, long-lasting edge. Full tangs provide perfect weight and balance. Contoured handles are made from a variety of hardwoods and hand polished to impart exceptional smoothness and beauty. Blades are cryogenically treated to extend edge life, and handles are vacuum infused with a wood stabilizer to increase durability and water-resistance. These knives are designed to fit every culinary task, are easy to control and comfortable to hold. Butchering, filleting, chopping, slicing, paring and dicing become chef-friendly tasks with R. Murphy Knives. Whether you are a professional or home chef, R. Murphy Knives are designed with you in mind.

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