Floral Knives

Whether you are deadheading or propagating, floral knives are an essential tool for perfecting your garden.

Gardening Scissors and Spring Pruners

Multi-purpose scissors and easy to use pruners for snipping and harvesting.

Garden Folding Knives

Pruners, floral and mushroom knives, these folders are convenient to carry and effective in your garden.

Hori Hori Japanese Style Tools

A Hori Hori is a traditional Japanese soil and weeding knife. These are multi-purpose knives and generally have a heavily serrated edge.

Farming and Gardening Fixed Blade Knives

A great variety of garden knives for harvesting, digging in soil and weeding or splitting perennials.


All around garden tool for removing brush and larger material - we have a huge selection.

Mushroom Knives

These knives are specialized for the Mushroom Hunters and have the proper blade as well as a brush to remove spores.


Need help getting that stingy shrubbery down? KnifeCenter has a diverse amount of saws to get the job done.


The KnifeCenter carries Loppers for your bigger pruning jobs. They are designed to take down roots, stems, and branches.

Garden Sharpening

Keep your tools sharp and precise with our lineup of gardening tool sharpeners.