Boker German Made Safety Razors

An original safety razor in a very exclusive edition for the fan of the classic shave with two edges.

Merkur German Safety Razors

Top quality made in Solingen Germany. These are world class shavers.

Parker Double Edge Safety Razors

Parker razors are well made from India. They offer an "Old fashioned" model where the razor opens butterfly style by twisting the handle. Other models have handles that simply unscrew from the head.

Simba Tec Safety Razors

Innovation meets tradition with the RAZOLUTION 4Edge safety razors. Many people like it wet and double sharp, so Simba Tec has responded with the RAZOLUTION 4Edge double-blade razor with DROP-EDGE cutting technology (patent pending)!

Merkur Eybrow and Moustache Trimming Safety Razor

One large end and one small for getting at the tight places a full size razor can't reach.

Replacement blades for Merkur Eyebrow/Moustache Razor

Safety Razor especially for eyebrows and moustaches. Package of 10 blades

Replacement Razor Blades from MERKUR and others

The best from Merkur as well as great economical replacements.

Safety Razor Sets

A perfect gift idea or option for anyone new to to wet shaving, these kits range from top German quality to inexpensive combos.