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Mantis Knives
Mantis Knives
Mantis Knives

Mantis Knives

Besides exquisite design and advanced technology, one of the most appealing aspects of a Mantis Knife is it's exclusivity. Mantis Knives founder, Gary West, highlights ... If you're carrying a Mantis Knife, it would be a rare occasion to see another Mantis Knife peeking out of a strangers pocket. The hand-built nature of our knives dictate the limited production and thereby, the exclusivity.

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Mantis Bottleneck Bali-Song Keychain Knives
G&G Hawk Collaboration with Mantis Knives. It's bali-song style bottle opener and keychain.
Mantis Churchkey
The Churchkey features not only a 1.5" blade but also a bottle opener, in one compact package.
Mantis Civilianaire Coin Knives
Compact design, stout friction folding action, and a wicked functional blade, the Civilianaire is the small knife that cuts like one twice it's size.
Mantis Class Act
The Class Act features a slender 3" blade and sculpted handles for a slim profile and classy look.
Mantis Cyclops and Vicious Circle
These neck knives are designed to look like a pendant but are ready to be used with a simple pull.
Mantis Encore
The Encore is a slim folding karambit featuring M-vX tool steel and a 2" blade.
Mantis Gearhead
The Gearhead gets its name from the distinct Steampunk style lever used to deploy the blade.
Mantis Kara Fu
The Kara Fu is a full tang karambit with a 2.875" blade and textured G10 handle onlays.
Mantis Kunitza
The Kunitza is a large tactical folding knife featuring a 3.5" blade made from 154CM stainless steel.
Mantis MF-1
A solid fixed blade featuring a 4.5" tanto blade and skeletonized handle.
Mantis MF-4
Laser cut from on piece of stainless steel, the MF-4 is a unique looking and functional fixed blade featuring a 3.5" tanto blade.
Mantis MK-1
The MK-1 features a hawkbill style blade made from 420HC stainless steel for lasting sharpness and easier resharpening.
Mantis MK-5
These knives were intended to be used for the most difficult tasks that any human being might face.
Mantis MK-F
The MK-F is a small, compact fixed blade karambit featuring a 1.25" blade and full sized handle.
Mantis MR-1
The MR-1 is a slender folding knife designed for a variety of everyday cutting applications.
Mantis MT-1
The MT-1 is a slim folding knife featuring a 3" blade and aluminum handles.
Mantis MT-9
The MT-9 is a small and hefty liner lock folding knife that is more than enough to get the job done.
Mantis MU-5
The MU-5 features a unique handle and sheath design that sets it apart from many other knives.
Mantis Necessikeys
Necessikeys keychain knives from Mantis Knives. The Necessikey B-3 is the MANTIS Original, the keychain knife that started it all. See all the Necessikeys from Mantis Knives here.
Mantis Phil A
The Phil A is a folding fillet knife with a thin, flexible blade in a size that fits in your pocket.
Mantis Picker
A small compact neck knife with plenty of blade for any task you encounter.
Mantis Polar Ice
The Polar Ice is a lightweight utility folder with class and style. It features a San Mai Damascus drop point blade with a clean, ergonomic titanium handle.
Mantis Pry Knives
The Pry Knife features a unique blade shape that is not only a capable cutter but also designed for more strenuous tasks such as prying.
Mantis TA-2
The TA-2 is made to be used and abused. The handles feature ZR rated tire rubber scales to ensure a secure grip at all times.
Mantis Vuja-De
The Vuja De blends two styles, the bali-song and the karambit into a fun-to-use folding knife.
Mantis Wicked Boot Knives
The Wicked Boot Knife features a 2" double edged blade with a kydex sheath.


Blade Materials
A good blade combines good edge retention, ease of re-sharpening and rust resistance.

S30V is the best blade steel available. It is a high vanadium stainless steel with even higher edge retention.

154CM and BG-42 are two custom steels with much higher carbon content, giving them higher hardness ratings and dramatically higher edge retention.

420HC is a stainless steel that provides excellent rust resistance, is easy to re-sharpen and has good edge retention.

Handle Materials
A good handle should feel solid and well constructed when you hold it. We suggest you consider a handle style and material that meets your needs and suits your preferences.

An ergonomic design provides comfort.

A rubber or textured handle provides a sure grip in wet conditions.

A wooden handle adds beauty to the knife.

Plastic/Composite handles are durable under extreme conditions.

Mantis Knives stands behind each and every product with an unconditional lifetime warranty.