Information on Virtual Blade Marking Systems
VirtualBlade: A Revolution in Knife Training…Welcome to a new era of knife training. As we all know, weapons are here to stay…like it or not!!! Training with weapons supercharges your empty hand skills whether you are a novice or an advanced professional. In the ‘fog of war’ of knife training it is extremely difficult to determine if your attack and withdraw movements are precise or if your disarm was performed without self-injury. In the real world of cut or be cut practice, it is often a matter of guessing if your technique worked. With VirtualBlade guesswork is no longer the order of the day.
About VirtualBlade…In an era where everyone claims to be a knife expert with foolproof techniques, we decided to put these theories to the test on our own. We designed VirtualBlade as the essential training tool to determine the effectiveness of existing knife training techniques. Whether you are in law enforcement, martial arts, the military, or an aware citizen, we believe VirtualBlade is the best product for you. Keep your training as realistic as possible. VirtualBlade is simple to apply and easy to use. VirtualBlade will convert your favorite training blade into a marking training blade. Using our patented mark delivery system, you and your practice partner can visually demonstrate your knife training techniques safely and effectively.
VirtualBlade Disclaimer…The intent of this website is to provide general information about the VirtualBlade product and to help define areas of knife training that the reader may choose to further investigate. The information contained on is based on extensive research, but the timeliness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This site does not attempt replace training with a qualified instructor. We strongly advise ALL readers to consult with a qualified health care professional prior to undertaking any physical activity or exercise program. Martial arts and knife training are dangerous. VirtualBlade is not responsible for any injuries that may result from the use or misuse of our products. Always use eye protection. You assume full responsibility for the use of the information and products on this site and agree that the authors and contributors to the VirtualBlade website, its associated information, pages and links hold no liability to you for claims, damages, costs and expenses, legal fees, or any other costs incurred due to or in any way related to your reliance on anything derived from this site or its contents.  
NEVER practice with sharpened or live blades.  
NEVER attach a VirtualBlade product to a sharpened or live blade.
VirtualBlade products are for demonstration purposes only. Please consult with local laws in your area concerning the practice of Martial Arts, knife sparring, and ownership or carrying of simulated weapons. VirtualBlade is real equipment for real people who want real knife training.
This product contains natural rubber; use caution if allergic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Blade
Why VirtualBlade??? Although we are higher on the evolutionary food chain with greater thinking power and deductive reasoning than animals…we have lost much of our primitive animal speed, agility and fighting essence. After all, animals play like they fight… using real attacks and defenses with their claws and teeth. They really make contact.  
What do people do?? We fake it. That's right. Effective knife training/disarming programs are hard to find. Why is that you may ask? Until VirtualBlade, practitioners have had no visual cue to accurately tell whether they were cut or not during technique practice. They simply haven't had the technology. VirtualBlade is the necessary feedback we have all been missing.
What is VirtualBlade? The VirtualBlade is the tool that turns virtually any edged training device into an instrument of instantaneous feedback. The second you touch or are touched by your opponent, you know it! No more doubts! Never again will you have to endure the," Gotcha!!" “No you didn't”, "Yes I did!" routines.
What can VirtualBlade be used for?
- Practice with training blades close or exactly like your carrying blade.
- Polish your offensive skills.
- Practice disarms with decreased risk of injury Knife Sparring/fighting.
- Use knife training to Super Charge your empty hand skills.
- Law Enforcement uses the VirtualBlade in variations of the Tueller Drill as well as knife vs. gun scenarios in combination with Air Soft guns.
This device sorts out what works and what doesn’t in all situations. There is no longer any doubt!
What do you get??? Look at what you get! Each VirtualBlade converts your own personal training knife into a 21st Century marking/training tool. You get one patented mark delivery system and enough chalk for thousands of cuts. It is simply peel and stick to apply; it’s cheap, and easy to clean. There are no batteries to replace and its non-toxic. Own the original VirtualBlade.
Who is using the VirtualBlade? U.S. Marine Corp, Border Patrol, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Sky Marshals, FBI, SWAT Units, Corrections and Numerous European and Asian Military and Police Units, martial artists in all styles, competitive Air Soft players.