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NEXTORCH, proud to be the designer and manufacturer of China's national standard issue police flashlight

Since our inception, NEXTORCH’s sole focus has been to produce superior portable lighting products. Utilizing the most advanced lighting technology, we incorporate the brightest light sources available while reaching maximum efficiency for the power supply. For durability, longevity and lightweight, ergonomic carry, NEXTORCH flashlights are housed in rugged aluminum bodies produced of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum with Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized finish. Simply put, NEXTORCH offer “The Brilliant Solution” for portable lighting products which are powerful, efficient, reliable and compact. 
In 2006, NEXTORCH was contracted by China’s Ministry of Public Security to design and develop a higher standard Chinese government issue flashlight. Since then, NexTorch has equipped the police with over 1.2 million flashlights, currently serving police officers in public safety, security, combat crime and terrorism.
NexTORCH warrants this product to be free from manufacture defects. NexTORCH will repair or replace any defective flashlight, please contact local dealer or email to
The Consumer shall have no coverage or benefits under this warranty if the Product has been subjected to abnormal use, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repair.
Rechargeable batteries will be warrants within one years from the date of purchase.
All of the original accessories delivered with this product(rechargeable batteries excluded)are not cover under this warranty.
Thank you for choosing NexTORCH flashlight. It produces not only brilliant, extraordinary white light, but also a lot of heat.In case of damaging your flashlight and the things around the flashlight, please pay attention to the following:
1. Don't put the flashlight straightly onto a plane, that may damage the lamp and even cause a fire as the heat can't release from the flashlight.
2. Don't shine the eyes straightly as the powerful light could cause a permanent injury.
3. Don't often disassemble the lamp, in case of damaging the reflector or the bulb.
4. Tactical flashlight is intended for short term usage and should not be used for more than 15 minutes at one time.How to Maintain your Flashlight
To keep your flashlight always in a perfect condition, follow the instructions below.
1. Clean your flashlight with a soft clean cloth (NexTORCH offers you a professional lens cleaning tool. Please check the accessories).
2. Wash the flashlight (make sure the flashlight is well screwed on and no water can sink in) by clean water after using in the seawater or causticity liquid, and dry it by hot air.
3. When the tailcap doesn't rotate smoothly, put some silicone grease on the "O" ring (you can buy the silicon grease in the outdoor shops, most of the hardware shops or our retail shops that sell the NexTORCH flashlights).
4. Please release the batteries and keep them dry and cool when you wouldn't use the flashlight for a time.