The SWIZA logo & cross is the new ensign for a certain way of life. A life of preparedness, convenience and value. A life of robust experiences, ease and wanderlust. A better way of life. A brand that transcends the garden variety transactional nature of most brands. A brand that gives more than it takes. A brand our customers can count on for quality, convenient solutions in many aspects of their lives.
From backpacks and luggage to belts and wallets to smart smartphone cases and portable power to watches and, of course, a revolutionary new pocket knife the SWIZA brand has extended a century long tradition of making premium timepieces. We’ve expanded into brand aligned product categories with thoughtfully and intelligently designed and engineered products that are incredibly versatile and dependable for every journey.
The journey to the school bus stop or the bike commute to work or the morning walk with the dog or the weekend yard project. These are the journeys of our customers from baby-boomers to millennials, from soccer moms to single moms, from active outside lovers to those with casual lifestyles.