Columbia River CRKT 9130 Viva Multi-Tool 3.99" Overall, Designed by Liong Mah

Part #: CR9130 | Columbia River (CRKT)


This product is no longer available


CR9130: 9130 Viva Multi-Tool | Designed by Liong Mah


Put it on your belt. Then put several tasks to bed. Designed by Liong Mah of Palm Bay, FL, the Viva keyring multi-tool hangs like a keychain. But it acts like a toolbox when you need it. Like those who carry it, the Viva gets a lot done with a little. At just under 4 inches long, it still manages to pack in a flathead screwdriver, a hex wrench in five different sizes, pry bar and bottle opener for when you're all done.

Grab hold of this one and you'll see that its design is where it really shines. The stonewashed stainless steel handle serves two purposes. It includes a ring that helps with finger retention but also helps keep the multi-tool on your belt or gear where it belongs.

The Viva is yet another in a long line of uniquely designed multi-tools by Mah who is a bit of a sci-fi fan. But while its look may seem alien, the feeling of getting the job done with it is a familiar one.

Let the Viva rest at your side and let countless chores rest in peace.

  • Dimensions
    • Open Overall Length: 3.99 inches
    • Weight: 1.10 ounces
  • Handle
    • Material: 3Cr13 Stainless Steel
  • Options
    • Includes 1 Prybar, Flathead screwdriver
    • Includes 2 Bottle opener
    • Includes 3 Multi-Wrench
  • Made in China
Steel Handles
Steel Handles Stainless Steel knife handles provide strength and durability and look and feel great.


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