Dan's Whetstone Black Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Bench Stone Wooden Box (6" x 2" x 1/2") - BAB-62-C


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DNBAB62C: Black Hard Arkansas (Ultra-Fine) 6" x 2" x 1/2"

Dan's Whetstone

This is a Black Hard Arkansas (Ultra-Fine), sometimes referred to as "Surgical Black." The natural black Arkansas stone perfectly flat and mounted in a wooden box. You may see many stones that call themselves "black hard Arkansas stones" but most are other varieties. This is the real and original stone that is world famous and it has become more difficult to find as most veins of this rock have been depleted. It is very fine and so don't look to re-profile your worn blade with this stone unless you have a lot of patience. It will do a great job on a final polish. We also offer an even finer grit natural stone, the translucent Arkansas stone. These are even rarer and more expensive, but they are much more sought after. 

These are genuine Novaculite from Arkansas. Novaculite is a sedimentary rock composed of microcrystalline quartz, it is also recognized as a re-crystallized variety of chert. It is a high-purity silica, composed of more than 99 percent pure silica. The name is applied mainly to formations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas and is derived from the Latin word novacula, meaning razor stone. Novaculite is the rarest and finest abrasive stone in existence. Found in depths of 250 to 900 feet, Novaculite was formed during the Mississippian and Devonian ages (about 350 million years ago). The stone naturally resists erosion and forms prominent ridges in the Ouachita Mountain range. The quantity of available Novaculite is immense. Whetstone quality novaculite is found predominantly in Garland and surrounding counties in the massive lower division formations. However, individual quarries exist from Little Rock in Pulaski County westward towards Hatton in Polk County. The amount of Novaculite that exists in these formations will allow for the continued production of sharpening and abrasive products for as long as the demand and profitability are there to sustain the industry. Color may slightly vary with each stone.

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