Benchmade Knives From Knife Center
Benchmade Knives is one of America's foremost producers of modern high-tech knives. We are proud to offer Benchmade Knives and Tools at the Knife Center and have as many Benchmade models as possible.
We Feature Over 100 Different Benchmade Knives and Products
Because Benchmade Knives has such a variety of products including Benchmade Folding Knives, Benchmade Combat Knives, Benchmade Camping Knife series and more, we have separated the Benchmade Knives index pages into the following categories:

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Benchmade Fixed Blade
ALL Benchmade Fixed Blade Knives

All of their non folding knives including camp knives and combat knife models
Benchmade Folders
ALL Benchmade Folding Knives

Including Axis Lock Folding Knives, Liner locking pocketknives and others
Michael Waddell Bone Collector Series
Killian Design Combat Tomahawk
Benchmade's combat tomahawk that can stand up to military applications
Automatic Openers from benchmade
Automatic Openers (Switchblades)
from Benchmade Knives

Benchmade produces a wide variety of automatic opening tactical knives for police and military only
Michael Waddell Bone Collector Series
Michael Waddell's Bone Collector Series
Benchmade's Bone Collector line celebrates the culture of the hunter; the brotherhood of sportsmen
Harley Davidson Knives
Harley Davidson Knives
from Benchmade Knives

The best knife manufacturer now makes the pocketknives for the best motorcycle company
Heckler and Koch from Benchmade
Heckler and Koch Knife Models
Made by Benchmade Knives

Futuristic Axis lock pocketknife models, plus a lot more!
Lone Wolf from Benchmade
Lone Wolf Knife Models
Made by Benchmade Knives

Outdoors knives made mostly in the US
Butterfly Knives
Benchmade Butterfly Knives

Redesigned with several styles of blades as well as great new features. Made in USA
Diving Knives from Benchmade
Diving Knives
from Benchmade
Fixed and folding dive knives in rust resistant steel.
Benchmade Knife Luggage
Benchmade Knife Luggage

Attache cases and brag-bags.
Also, see our Spyderco Models!
Benchmade Pens
Benchmade Tactical Pens

A great addition to the Benchmade pocketknife line
Training Knives from Benchmade
Training Knives from Benchmade Knives
For those interested in learning and practicing the art of knife warfare, these are an invaluable tool. Made in USA
Rescue Knives from Benchmade Knives
Rescue Knives from Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knives produces some innovative rescue knives including the "hook."
Benchmade  and Harley Tool Kits
Benchmade and Harley Tool Kits

Bits to fit most folding knife pivot adjustments
Benchmade USB Flash Bali-Drives
Benchmade USB Flash Bali-Drives

The first 50 state legal Bali-Song
Benchmade Prestiedges Kitchen Set
Benchmade Prestiedges Kitchen Knife Set

Limited availability on some of the prettiest kitchen cutlery anywhere. Made in USA
Benchmade Knives Limited Editions
Benchmade Knives Limited Editions!

We get a variety of limited edition folding pocketknives and combat knives from time to time from Benchmade knives. Made in USA
Benchmade Sheaths
Benchmade Sheaths

Redesigned for combat and tactical use
benchmade Sharpeners
Benchmade Sharpeners

Handy field knife sharpeners
List All Benchmade Knives Gerstner Boxes
Benchmade Gerstner Custom Oak Chest

A beautiful chest built specifically for Benchmade
Benchmade Gold Class Products
Benchmade Gold Class Products

Limited Editions from the artists at Benchmade Knives
Benchmade Lube
Benchmade Blue Lube

Two stage cleaning and lubricating system for knives and firearms
The Knife Center is an official Benchmade Knife dealer. You can shop with us first for all Benchmade knives and products and depend on us to have new items early. We cannot advertise our low prices for standard items and so please call us if you need pricing. Also, bring any competitor's price to us and we will try to match it.

Please Note: Benchmade Has Changed From ATS-34 Stainless Steel to 154CM Stainless Steel On Most Models