Alpha Beast
Designed by and for flippers, the BRS Alpha Beast prides itself on breaking the accepted design cues of previous knives while fixating on weight, balance and tactility.
Whether you are just starting out as a flipper and new to balisongs or a long-time veteran of the sport, you will find the Barebones to be an optimum performer.
The Replicant is without a doubt one of the finest and smoothest butterfly knives on the market.
Introducing the Warhead, BRS Bladerunners Systems' first automatic knife into their ever-expanding product lineup.
E-Volve Apache
With all E-Volve knives, the BRS crew is looking to blend a unique look and optimal functionality, and Apache is no exception.
E-Volve Eon
The E-Volve Eon is an integral titanium folding knife from designer Elijah Isham.
E-Volve Fragment
The Fragment may be small but offers a wide array of functionality. It will quickly prove to be an essential part of any EDC rotation.
E-Volve IMP
A collaboration with Tuffknives, IMP "In My Pocket" knives are small fixed blades designed for everyday carry to fit comfortably in your back pocket.
E-Volve Minuteman
Designed by Jon and Pat over at BVK Knives, the Minuteman is an everyday carry knife with a modern day look and great utility functionality.
E-Volve Nomad
The Nomad fits perfectly into the E-volve model lineup as a true workhorse.
E-Volve OverWatch
The OverWatch has a very robust build and design profile, it has the feeling of an overbuilt knife without going overboard.
E-Volve Thresher
A collaboration between BRS and Gavko, the Thresher brings Gavko's excellent work to an even wider audience and the Thresher is sure to impress anyone who handles it.