Wicked Edge WE100PR1 Pro Pack I Sharpener with Aluminum Base - WE100PR118024



WE100PR1: Pro Pack I Sharpener

Wicked Edge

The Pro Pack I was developed in response to numerous requests for the most commonly used items to be bundled together. It includes everything used on 90% of the knives sharpened by Wicked Edge founder Clay Allison. The Precision Sharpener is a superbly engineered, manual sharpening machine. It was designed with very exacting standards to consistently deliver an incredible, razor sharp edge. While the results are excellent, it is easy to use and does not require special knowledge or skills to use. The Pro Pack I is a standard Precision Sharpener with two extra packs and a Wicked Edge sharpening base. This is the fastest and easiest way to get a razor sharp edge on all your knives. Made in the USA.

Additional stones sold separately.


  • Guide Rod pivots: Ball-Joint/L-bracket
  • Angle Range: 15-30 degrees
  • Angle Setting: Manual, independent angle adjustment on both sides of the sharpener
  • Main angle Adjustment: 1-degree increments
  • Micro-Adjustment: Not included
  • Clamping System: Parallel-face jaws with stainless steel inserts, manually operated with an Allen Key
  • Knife Alignment: Standard Wicked Edge Alignment Guide
  • Blade Depth Regulation: Standard Wicked Edge Depth Key with two settings for height adjustment 
  • Guide Rod Length: 8.0"
  • Max Clamping Width: 0.375"
  • Base: Aluminum Base

  • Coarse 100 Grit / Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Medium 400 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Extra Fine 800 Grit / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • 5/3.5 Micron Diamond and Leather Strops


  • Machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, stainless steel and space-age composite materials
  • Dimensions: 8.0" x 5.75" x 4.75"
  • Weight: 14.2 lbs
  • Made in the USA

UPC Code: 017134

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Made in USA
Wicked Edge WE100PR1 Pro Pack I Sharpener with Aluminum Baserated 4.333 stars out of 5 (6 reviews)
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 star
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1 star
Wicked Edge WE100PR1 Pro Pack I Sharpener with Aluminum Base
rated 2 stars out of 5
Joris M
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 16, 2016
Pros: Durability, None
Cons: Effectiveness, Ease of Use, Overall Quality
Quite limited
Great sharpener to get a very precise edge on quite a few knives but still a lot of knives that are not wide enough to be sharpened at a lower angle..Half of my slim kitchen knives that I don't want to sharpen at 40 degrees I just end up grinding the wicked edge, not touching the edge.Works fine on a Medford Praetorian or a lot of other knives with a not very slim blade, or even a slim blade at a 40 degree angle but if I would've known how useless it is for setting a 30 degree angle on something slim, even on a Delica I would never have bought it.Especially at a pricepoint like this it should do what it claims.
Wicked Edge WE100PR1 Pro Pack I Sharpener with Aluminum Base
rated 5 stars out of 5
Oct 02, 2015
razor making machine
Superb product, built very well. Very happy with this purchase. I love that there is no screws or knobs to fiddle with when switching grits, pleasure to use.
Wicked Edge WE100PR1 Pro Pack I Sharpener with Aluminum Base
rated 5 stars out of 5
Burlington Ontario
Feb 06, 2015
Pros: Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Best sharpener Ever!
Perfect, yes pricey.I have owned 3 shitty other sharpeners. Plus took my 8 & 4 inch main wusthof 2 be sharpened. Bad job. Since my wife bought me this, knowing I only by the best cause I hate wasting money. Seriously, best knife sharpener around!
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