Emerson Appalachian Folding Knife
With a graceful upswept trailing point for delicate areas, enough belly for the hard work, and the Emerson ergonomic handle, this knife provides the perfect hunters package.
Emerson Bulldog and Big Bulldog Folders
Another stellar compact, tactical blade from Emerson with a wicked tanto blade and nicely curved ergonomic handle. Built like a tank as always.
Emerson Commander Folding Knives
The Commander is a battle tested and proven design that incorporates some of the most advanced ergonomics ever featured on a tactical folding knife.
Emerson CQC-15 Folding Knives
Great design on a folder with unique blade design and multiple uses.
Emerson CQC-7 Fixed and Folding Knives
The CQC-7 is by far the most highly sought after tactical folder of all time and is the razor sharp knife that has become the standard by which all hard use folding knives are judged. Now available in a fixed blade too!
Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knives
Large combat blades sought after by the military for their shape and features.
Emerson Endeavor Folding Knives
With this proven blade style and the three configurations it comes in, this knife is always ready for action.
Emerson Government Mule Fixed Blade Knives
The Government Mule fixed blade is strong, rugged and dependable and everything you've come to expect from Emerson Knives.
Emerson Horseman (Mini CQC-8) Folding Knives
Scaled down version of the CQC8.
Emerson HUCK Hard Use Camp Knives
The Emerson HUCK Hard Use Camp Knife is a modern evolution of mankind's oldest tool and one that is perfectly at home in any camp.
Emerson Instructional DVDs
Instructional DVDs by Emerson.
Emerson Karambit Fixed Blade Knives
Classic design comes with a Kydex sheath and Tek-Lok Clip.
Emerson Karambit Folding Knives
Based on an Asian weapon, this tactical knife is a folder that features the wave opening tool.
Emerson Market Skinner Series
For the modern hunter from the biggest game down to the smallest quarry, this hunting knife is one you could confidently use anywhere your hunt takes place.
Emerson Overland Renegade Survival Knives
Simplicity breeds reliability, the Renegade folder and the Renegade fixed blade bear witness to those words.
Emerson Pocket Clips
Spice up your Emerson knife with a laser engraved pocket clip that is compatible with all folding models. Also available in deep carry configuration.
Emerson Police Utility Knife PUK
Created at the request of law enforcement, this is a great, tactical fixed blade
Emerson Rendezvous Folding Knives
The Rendezvous is a folding survival/hunting knife designed to get you there and back again.
Emerson SARK (Search & Rescue) Knife Series
A great addition featuring the "WAVE" opener as featured on the Commanders. Blades are chisel ground and available pointed or rounded.
Emerson Seax Folding Knives
The Emerson Seax features a classic design with a straight-forward cutting edge and a generous clip at the front that comes all the way down to the point.
Emerson Sheepdog Folding Knife Series
The Sheepdog is the first Emerson knife to feature a flipper and stainless steel bearings for ultra smooth action. This knife is amazing.
Emerson Tactical Kwaiken Folding Knife
The Emerson tactical Kwaiken is a stunning modern interpretation of the personal concealed sidearm of the Samurai warrior, meant to be discreetly carried for extreme close and personal use.
Emerson Tiger Folding Knife
The Emerson Tiger is a purebred fighting knife featuring a razor sharp trailing point fighting blade wed to a serious self-defense handle style culminating in legendary Emerson Ergonomics.
Emerson Vindicator Folding Knives
The Vindicator is a combat folder with design elements from multiple knives to give you one refined piece of tactical steel.
Discontinued But Still Available
A handy listing of items discontinued by Emerson. Availability is limited to stock on hand.
Emerson Instructional DVDs
Instructional DVDs by Emerson.
Fixed Blade Knives
Fixed blade knives by Emerson.
Folding Knives
Folding knives by Emerson.
Karambits by Emerson.
If you purchase an Emerson knife from any other source outside of Emerson Knives direct, please be aware that there are very close counterfeits now on the market. We have gotten several obvious counterfeits sent to us for warranty repair (it figures). If it is a deal too good to be true - it is a fake. PLEASE BUY FROM REPUTABLE DEALERS ONLY! 
Congratulations on your selection of an Emerson knife. You can be assured that the finest in design technology, materials, and workmanship have been used to insure that your knife will give you long lasting service and use. 
Care and Maintenance 
Minimal care is all that is required to insure the maximum potential that your knife can provide for you. Clean the knife periodically and lubricate the pivot area with light oil, especially after exposure to salt water or acidic environment. 
Your Emerson knife is built to withstand the rigors of extreme use, but it is a knife, not a chisel, screwdriver or hammer, and it is not intended for use as such. This knife is a cutting tool and is not designed for throwing. Do not use it in that capacity. 
Your Emerson knife is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and has a limited lifetime warranty, to the original owner. This guarantee is void if the knife has been abused beyond normal wear and tear or used beyond what are considered the normal parameters for a folding knife. It is up to the discretion of Emerson Knives whether to repair or replace damaged or defective items, and we reserve the right to replace old or out of date parts with new parts as necessary. For warranty service ship the knife postage paid and insured with $14.00 (Contact us for the shipping price if outside Cont. U.S.) for return shipping directly to Emerson Knives. 
Implied Warranty 
Emerson Knives will not be responsible for careless handling, unsafe use and assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages, with respect to economic loss or injury to property. Some states do not allow the exclusion for limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. 
Sharpening Recommendations 
We recommend that you sharpen your Emerson Knife the old fashioned way, on a bench mounted stone or diamond lap. The chisel ground blades should be sharpened on the beveled side only, and never sharpened on the flat side. You may remove the burr on the flat side by laying the blade flat on the hone and lightly touching the blade keeping it flat on the hone. Finish by stropping both sides on a piece of leather mounted on a hard flat surface. Never use a motorized or power driven sharpening device. It will ruin your blade. We will factory sharpen your knife if you prefer. Just ship, insured to us with $19.00 for shipping (Contact us for the shipping price if outside Cont. U.S.) and sharpening. For payment, if you can send a money order or contact us with credit card information so we will be able to return your package faster. If you send a personal check we will have to hold shipping the package up to 10 days for the check to clear the bank. More detailed sharpening instructions can be viewed here. 
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Please email: Info@EmersonKnives.com  
The company is founded and owned by one of the premier knife makers and designers in the world, Ernest R. Emerson. Mr. Emerson's work which, prior to the formation of this company was a custom, handmade operation, is known among elite military and police agencies throughout the world as the knives of choice for the finest in tactical and hard use, edged weaponry. Through the vehicle of this company, his design expertise and quality work is now available to the public.