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PocketToolX is Now Part of the Leatherman Family

We are excited to share some great news with you. On June 22, 2012, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc., (LTG) parent company to Leatherman multi-tools and LED Lenser lights, acquired the PocketToolX (PTX) company. We know that the PTX folks have acquired a great fan base over the years and we want to take this chance to welcome to all of you, into the new LTG family of companies.

The first models we will convert to the Leatherman brand will be existing ones: The Brewzer Keychain Tool, the Mako Ti Bike Tool, and the Piranha Pocket Tools. We anticipate many more in the years to come and know that all Leatherman tools, including any PTX tools under the Leatherman brand, are covered under our 25-year, no-questions-asked warranty.

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In our personal search for an effective everyday carry tool we found that most pocket tools lacked the functionality we needed or were too bulky to pack around on a daily basis. After being inspired by a late-ninteenth century single-piece multi-tool, we set about developing our own.

Within a few weeks the 20-function Piranha was born. It was slim, lightweight and could fit in our pockets on a daily basis, yet functional enough to get the job done. Not to mention we made it out of premium-grade material that will endure decades of abuse.

PocketToolX continues to produce quality engineered everyday carry multi tools to make our lives easier and a little more fun. What’s in your pocket?

Where are the products made?

Our products are made in the USA, specifically the Pacific Northwest. We make every effort possible to ensure that the individual components, materials and services used to make our products are sourced from within the USA.

Are PocketToolX products TSA-compliant?

We consider our products to be TSA-safe, meaning that they abide by the guidelines set forth by the TSA and to date we have had no issues carrying them onto domestic flights. Because travel restrictions change on a regular basis, we recommend checking with your airline or travel agent prior to flying with one of our products.
How should I care for my PocketToolX pocket tool?
Here are some guidelines to ensure the long life of your pocket tool: Remember that your pocket tool is not meant to completely replace standard tools such as automotive wrenches or pry bars.
Never use a cheater bar or pipe to extend the leverage of the tool. Although your pocket tool is made out of the highest grade materials, it is does not have the strength of a forged tool.