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Scar Blades Info:

Centered in the Rocky Mountains, two brothers had a vision of producing a serious knife. Just like the mountains they grew up in, they wanted to create everlasting, tough, and rugged blades – that are refined and created for real world experience. Scar Blades reflects that tenacity for perfection.

With 22 combined years of experience hand building each knife and sheath, we have worked hard to develop expertise in truly understanding the needs of our customers, and we are constantly improving on every detail of our products.

Our knives are a real world product – what that means for us is that our Scar Blades are completely at home in the most demanding and hard core environments. Our products are used extensively by Hunters, Police, Military, Survivalists, Laborers, and anyone else that depends on having the toughest blade out there.

We work closely with law enforcement and military professionals to design and perfect our knives and sheaths to meet their extreme requirements. Every detail is well thought out and crafted with precision.

We do not believe in stamping out, or computer machining knives for the sake of quantity. We hand grind, temper, condition, custom fit, and sharpen each blade to keep it personal – just like it will be when you’re depending on it.

No matter what your use is, you can rest assured that A SCAR IS FOR LIFE.

At SCAR Blades, we have created knives that are designed and used as rugged tools to help the military, law enforcement, and the avid outdoorsmen survive in the field no matter how harsh the conditions. Most of our knives have a full tang construction and are made from 3/16″ thick 1095 HIGH CARBON ALLOY, which is heat treated only along the sharpened edge while leaving the spine of the blade softer to absorb the stresses of high impact use. The blades have a TufCoat powder coated finish and come with a non-slip phenolic handle to ensure the user will maintain a sure grip under all conditions.

The sheaths are KYDEX, which are tightly formed around each individual knife, ensuring a true fit. Most of the sheaths are equipped with a rotating belt loop allowing the sheath to swivel 360 degrees, moving with the user, as well as being able to lock into a secure position. With attachment holes located around the sheath, the knife can be placed anywhere the user requires, yet still be confident that it will be there waiting to serve when needed.

We have taken great care and time to create each of our handmade knives. In order keep your knife in the best working condition, please take the time to follow and practice the following knife care instructions.
Care instructions for your new SCAR BLADE:

    Most of our knives are made from 1095 high carbon alloy, a tool steel which is known worldwide for its ability to retain a sharp edge. Since 1095 has high carbon content, it is prone to rusting. To aid in combating this issue, we have powder coated each knife and advise each user to lightly coat the exposed steel (sharpened edges, saw teeth) with an odorless oil (like gun oil) after each use, especially in humid climates.
    KYDEX, which is a very strong, durable, lightweight, chemical resistant plastic, is used to make our sheaths. Each sheath is individually molded for each knife by hand, and no two knives will fit one sheath perfectly. Once each knife has a dedicated sheath it is fitted to where the knife locks securely in place and will not come out unless physically being pulled by hand. Every sheath has multiple tie down holes located around the edges to allow the user to fasten the knife to any position that is needed. Each sheath also has a drain hole to allow any moisture in the sheath to easily drain out to help keep the blade from rusting while holstered. We at SCAR BLADES do ask that users of our knives do not place the KYDEX sheaths on a car dashboard in the hot sun during the summer months or in any other extremely hot areas. Doing so will allow the KYDEX to heat up and become slightly pliable, causing it to lose its original form and if this is the case, the knife will no longer fit securely.
    Our heavy duty field knives are mostly used for chopping rather than slicing, and do not require a razor shaving edge to get the job done. When sharpening your knife or knives, we recommend obtaining a 30 degree angle to get the best and longest working edge. Should the owner of the knife or knives require a new factory edge in the future, we are happy to take the time to sharpen them at no charge.