Trading House "Dendra" more than 17 years of experience in the wholesale trade in the territory of the Russian Federation and is the official distributor of the world leading manufacturers of knives, bows, crossbows and accessories. An important focus of our work, we believe providing adequate service, performance guarantee and holding of professional service work. Our staff will help you determine the correct selection of the range, with the relevant information and a package of supporting documents, if necessary, and configure Assamble purchased equipment, train staff of our partners, sent the purchased goods to any place in the Russian Federation and, if necessary - will perform the required repairs.

The company "Dendra" is working hard to promote the sports of archery. We have discovered and successfully running club to train in archery. The club members have repeatedly been the winners of the tournaments at various levels, including at the World Cup and Europe. In close cooperation with companies producing equipment Archery, we support and professional athletes through the conclusion of representation of contracts and provision of sports equipment.