KME Sharpeners was conceived a few years ago when a friend was having difficulty sharpening his arrow broadheads. I volunteered to see if I could come up with something to make it easier. I designed a device that although crude, was reasonably functional. It was a tapered block of wood with a slot to accept the blade which we clamped in place with a couple of drywall screws!

After much refining, our Self- aligning Broadhead and Replacement Blade Sharpener was born, and the traditionally difficult task of professionally sharpening conventional broadheads and replacement blades of all kinds has never been so simple. That’s the heart of it.

At KME Sharpeners we strongly believe that, contrary to popular opinion, superior products can be made using strictly American parts and American labor. We also believe American products can be competitively priced with products imported from any foreign country, and out-perform, and out-last any foreign products. Beyond making difficult tasks simpler for our customers, we always insist on excellence in design, the highest quality of materials and workmanship, the utmost performance of all of our products, Beyond contributing to America's economy and labor market, we understand that consumer satisfaction and service is the keystone to our success. We want everyone who purchases a KME tool to be 100% satisfied with the tool, and to be fully confident that they spent their money wisely; and we build every tool with that in mind.