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 Acts Knives: the story

Attilio "Acts" Morotti was born in Bergamo in 1957; living in Villa di Serio, a country of Bergamo at the beginning of Val Seriana, is married and has a daughter. He began working at a very young age a mechanical construction oleopneumatic do 've held numerous positions, including directives.  It is dedicated to various sports (athletics, gymnastics, tennis, downhill skiing, mountaineering and skiing); since 1993 the practice archery at the Company of Archers Malpaga "Bartolomeo Colleoni" - Bergamo. Before you interested in this cutlery passion for archery had led him to devote himself to the construction of wooden arches; the value of this experience is still shown by the arrow in its logo.

Other great love of Attilio Morotti is always the motorcycle; as mototurista with his wife has consumed all the roads of Italy and much of Europe.  In the world of knives has come thanks to fellow collectors, first of all Pierpaolo Head.
It 'was just the friend Pierpaolo led him to visit an exhibition where they were presented the achievements of master knife. The impression one gets is great; the craftsmanship of these craftsmen, the quality of those products from finishes such high amazes and fascinates him. From the exhibition is a strong desire to engage in this activity and immediately began construction of a fixed blade knife.
Ends to make his first knife December 13, 2002 and continues the construction of fixed knives for just over a year before embarking on the road of folding.
Without specific schools, thanks to the stubbornness, the desire to do and love for handcrafted pieces, by treasuring the advice of leading experts (Emilio Albericci, Eligio Ambrosioni, Silvester and especially Claudio Volpato, cutler of great generosity and competence with which establishes a relationship of cooperation) comes to realize folding award-June 2, 2007 that earned him the title of "Master of the Italian Knives Corporation".
Acts Knives: the realization
Attilio "Acts" Morotti begins the design phase by performing simple sketches on paper of the forms of the knife, drawings which are then processed and transferred with the utmost care measures and details on tracing paper. A request is also used the drawings of a customer. As steel is mainly used RWL 34, damask damask steel and carbon. For the cheeks using all natural materials such as mother of pearl, bone, horn, wood etc. stabilized. and composite materials that are made specifically as carbon fiber, glass fiber blue, gray, gold, anthracite or multicolored. To ensure a true handicraft construction the use of machinery is reduced to a minimum, and this makes sure that each piece is made as unique as possible.