Bark River 1909 Michigan Bowie Series
The 1909 Michigan Bowie from Bark River is a gorgeous historical piece with a rich history, re-outfitted with modern materials for use in today's modern world.
Bark River Adventurer Series
The Adventurer Series from Bark River shines in all kinds of hunting and camping chores and can be easily used in any environment.
Bark River Aurora Series
The Aurora has been designed as the ideal Bushcrafter's knife. A 100% ergonomic handle with a super versatile blade make this one of the most useful tools made today for outdoor use.
Bark River Bird & Trout Series
This knife is slim and easy to wear on the belt or pack in your kit. It makes short work of field cleaning of fish and small game and is also good for light outdoor tasks.
Bark River Blackwater Series
The slightly curved handle of the Blackwater sits comfortably in the hand making it perfect for EDC and doing detail work as a companion to a larger knife in the field.
Bark River Boone Series
The Boone II is a capable Bowie design with a comfortably contoured handle that provides a sure grip with its double guard and crushing power with its capped butt end.
Bark River Bravo Crusader Series
The Bravo Crusader pairs a larger Bravo family handle with an 8.5" chopping blade with plenty of belly. Perfect for outdoorsmen and any heavy cutting task.
Bark River Bravo Necker Series
The Bravo Necker has been made to give the option of using the popular Bravo design in a very compact knife that is easy to use in the field and as an EDC.
Bark River Bravo Series
Designed with the Southern Training Center of the Force Recon Units of the U.S. Marine Corps. This bruiser is made for heavy duty outdoor use.
Bark River Brokk Fixed Blade Series
Designed by Dan Tope, the Brokk is his take on a compact Puukko design with a beautiful high-class look and scandi grind for maximum sharpness.
Bark River Bushbat Series
The JX4 Bushbat was designed by Chris Tanner, AKA preparedmind01, as a purpose built everyday carry knife that incorporates some bushcraft and combat karambit aspects into the design.
Bark River Bushcrafter Series
Engineered to meet the needs of general outdoors users that enjoy the practice of wilderness living.
Bark River Camp and Trail Series
An addition to the Deluxe series, the Camp & Trail is a well balanced knife that will prove to be one of the most useful tools in the series.
Bark River Canadian Series
The Canadian series is molded after the early works of D.H. Russell in Canada. The Canadian Series is made for country use and will give the user a lifetime of efficient use.
Bark River Classic Series
This pattern was Bob Loveless' idea of the perfect knife for hunters to carry while pursuing all medium and large game.
Bark River Companion Series
The JX6 Companion is a unique knife in its own right, sporting a saber-convex grind for maximum sharpness and ease of resharpening.
Bark River Dakkar Series
The Dakkar has a 10" blade that is easy to carry and is still extremely effective in cutting and chopping.
Bark River Essos Series
The Essos from Bark River and Joey Cordova is a more than capable survival tool with a tactical look and is surprisingly easy to wield.
Bark River Fox River Series
Bark River's most popular hunting knife since its introduction over a decade ago. This general purpose knife serves as the perfect hunter's companion.
Bark River Ghost Series
The Bark River Ghost Karambit was designed by Scott Horn of Airborne Knives. Scott is an expert on karambits and spent a lot of time on the Ghost. It's very quick and can be used with the utmost confidence no matter the situation.
Bark River Golok Series
The Bark River Golok has its roots in the traditional tools of the region of Indonesia. This type of tool has been used for centuries and has proven to be one of the most useful for Bushcraft.
Bark River Gunny Hunter Series
The Gunny Hunter is more suited for field work and hunting tasks than the standard Gunny.
Bark River Hauk
This knife is a Scandinavian take on a traditional Seax design with an excellent handle that anchors the blade nicely in the hand.
Bark River Highland Series
The Highland Series has been a cornerstone of the Bark River Knives lineup since 2002, offering compact hunting or survival knives built stronger than strong.
Bark River Hudson Series
The roots of this pattern show more of the French influence than English and was very popular because of its ability to skin game very quickly and efficiently.
Bark River Hunter Series
Designed specifically for hunting but suitable for all outdoor tasks, the Hunters from Bart River are some of the finest available.
Bark River Huntsman Series
One of the most useful little hunting knives, the Huntsman, is extremely compact but has a very quick tapered point. Don't be fooled by its small package, it really packs a punch.
Bark River JBA Series
Designed by Randall Burns, the JBA is a quintessential outdoor tool that can handle any task at hand.
Bark River JX-5 Vengeful-1
The Bark River JX-5 Vengeful-1 was designed by Outdoorsman and Knife Designer Chris Tanner of Preparedness 101.
Bark River Kalahari
Named after the African desert, the Kalahari series is a versatile offering of knives that is perfect for the outdoors.
Bark River Kephart Series
Horace Kephart is known as the "Father of the American Bushcraft movement" and his original knife is the root design of most modern Bushcraft knives.
Bark River MACV SOG Series
The MACV SOG is modeled after the MACV Bowie designed by the Studies and Observations Group or SOG during the Vietnam War and is built for both combat and survival situations.
Bark River Marauder Series
The beefy blade on the Marauder puts some serious power into any cutting task. With a form-fitting handle and full-tang construction, it also has the stability to get the job done.
Bark River Matterhorn Series
The longer and wider blade on the Matterhorn makes it a capable addition to the Snowy River Series. Large enough for most bushcraft tasks, the Matterhorn will end up as a cornerstone of this series.
Bark River Micro Bravo Series
The Micro Bravo is designed after the popular Bravo model a compact fixed blade that is easy to use in the field and an ideal choice for an everyday carry.
Bark River Mini Tundra Series
The Mini Tundra is a small fixed blade knife with the chops to get even large cutting tasks done.
Bark River North Country EDC Series
The North Country EDC fixed blade features a compact 3.5" full tang blade made from premium CPM-154 stainless steel.
Bark River Pro Scalpel Series
The Pro Scalpel II from Bark River is a small, easy to use fixed blade knife that won't get in the way. This lightweight knife is very well suited for light camp and hunting chores.
Bark River PSK Series
The Bark River PSK (Personal Survival Knife) was specifically designed to be a part of anyone's survival bag.
Bark River Recondo MACV SOG Series
The Recondo is the CIA variation of the MACV SOG and a purpose built fighting knife with a broad 7.125" blade.
Bark River Ringtail Series
The Ringtail is slim and easy to wear on the belt, around the neck or to pack in your kit. It will make short work of field cleaning and outdoor tasks.
Bark River Rogue
The Bark River Mini-Rogue is a Scaled down version of the Rogue Bowie. That particular model was Bark River's version of the first real Bowie Knives made in this country.
Bark River Sahara Series
The Sahara Hunter is a general purpose belt knife that is designed to ideally handle camp chores and quick field dressing of game of almost any size.
Bark River Santos Series
The Bark River Santos was designed by custom knifemaker Joey Cordova to be a do-it-all large EDC fixed blade.
Bark River Senegal Series
The Bark River Senegal jungle knife is a real time-tested performer. Bark River took this very efficient blade and added a modern handle with perfect ergonomics.
Bark River Shining Mountain Bowie
The Shining Mountain is your prototypical Bowie design that is 100% American in its roots and a big, menacing beast that can do it all...and more!
Bark River Springbok Series
The Bark River Springbok has a sharp drop point blade that will excel at most hunting and field chores. It is compact yet will do all the tasks of a much larger knife.
Bark River STS Series
Developed at the request of the U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon, the STS provides a knife that is compact while still having enough blade to reach vitals and stout enough to deliver enough energy to pierce to those vitals.
Bark River Teddy Series
The Teddy is part of Bark River's historical series of knives with a heritage that dates back to the early 1900s. This full-sized Bowie class knife is versatile, handling thick vegetation and animal quartering with ease.
Bark River Trakker Series
Bark River reduced the size of their Trakker handle to perfectly fit in the hand for general camp and hunting chores while still maintaining the look and feel of the larger knife.
Bark River V-44 Bowie
The V-44 Bowie design, created for use in the Pacific Theater during WWII, is exactly what comes to mind when people think of a Bowie knife.
Bark River Vest Pocket Bowie Series
The mid-size Vest Pocket Bowie is versatile, handling thick vegetation, breaking down firewood, and animal quartering with ease.
Bark River Vidarr Series
The Vidarr was designed by Michigan custom knifemaker Dan Tope and is a Scandinavian take on a classic Bowie with an excellent handle that anchors the blade nicely in the hand.
Bark River Vortex Series
Longer and sleeker than the standard Gunny blade, the Vortex is suited for general purpose use. It makes a great addition to the Gunny family of knives.
Bark River Wilderness Explorer Series
The Bark River Wilderness Explorer is their version of the famous Loveless Wilderness Knife. This large knife is designed as a belt knife for wilderness trekking and hunting in the backcountry.