Alan Kritzman Custom MAZ Frame Lock Flipper Knife 3.375" S35VN Ha…
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My path to knife making was not the same as many young makers, I didn’t start thinking about making my first knife until I had been through several other hobbies including custom cars, electric car, home built airplane, and spending enough time in classrooms to get a couple masters degrees. Each of these has taught me about quality, hard work, and patience. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and focusing on making the best quality I am capable of.

My first knife was cut with a hand hacksaw and bevels were done by hand with a set of files. It was not pretty, but I was hooked. Since then I have stepped up on the equipment and use a band saw, drill press and KMG belt grinder for my power tools. Every knife still requires hours of hand work but if it does not meet my standards, it does not leave my shop.