Defcon Agent Flipper Knives
Tactical design meets undeniable style in the Agent flipper knife.
Defcon Barracuda Flipper Knives
The Barracuda is a slim flipper knife with a lot of style.
Defcon Cutter Flipper Knives
A midsize folding knife with a no-nonsense design, the Cutter makes a great choice for an EDC knife.
Defcon EDC Ulu Flipper Knife
A flipper knife with an interesting "S" shaped design, the EDC Ulu is one slick knife.
Defcon Hybrid Flipper Knives
The Hybrid is a knife with its feet in two worlds. With different handles scales and a two-tone blade finish it truly is a hybrid.
Defcon Kabuto Flipper Knives
The Kabuto is a flipper knife with several features designed to resist wear and tear.
Defcon Mako Flipper Knives
The Mako is a quality midsize EDC flipper knife that no collection would be complete without.
Defcon Radioactive Flipper Knives
One of Defcon's D2 line of folding knives, the Radioactive is an attractive, lightweight knife thanks to its milled titanium handles.
Defcon Raptor Folding Karambits
With a very aggressive profile, the Raptor from Defcon epitomizes what a karambit should be.
Defcon Shark's Tooth Flipper Knives
When looking for a good EDC knife, you want a knife that's not too large and is useful in a variety of situations. The Shark's Tooth flipper from Defcon fills that criteria nicely.
Defcon Sphere Flipper Knives
The Sphere is a flipper knife with a rounded design aesthetic and light weight.