Cold Steel 90RH Rifleman's Hawk Drop Forged Tomahawk & Hammer 22" Overall


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CS90RH: 90RH Rifleman's Hawk

Cold Steel

The Rifleman's Hawk has a functional hexagonal hammer poll designed for serious work, like pounding nails or stakes. Reminiscent of some early American designs, the Rifleman's Hawk features the "peace pipe" appearance that was commonly used by Native Americans during the last century.

In terms of fun and sport, this hawk throws and sticks extremely well. If you want something that hits its target like the proverbial "ton of bricks," then the Rifleman's Hawk is for you!

Drop Forged Tomahawks

These superb tomahawks are precision drop forged from 1055 Carbon steel. Drop forging is, without doubt, the best method of manufacture for any impact weapon, particularly one with a cutting edge. During the forging process a metal ingot is heated almost white hot and then formed into shape in a series of progressive dies. The large steel dies are fixed to enormous compressed air hammers. Each die hammers the hot metal into a gradually more finished shape. The steel is kneaded and compressed into a completely homogenous mass making the grain structure uniform and minimizing gas pockets or other imperfections that can ruin the construction of a hand forged hawk. This is why most good axes, hatchets, and hammers are drop forged.

These hawks are differentially heat treated. This means that the cutting edge and hammer face is fully hardened, while the balance is left relatively soft to absorb the shock of striking blows.

Looking for a replacement handle? Click here.

Wood grain will vary from piece to piece.


Drop forged 1055 carbon steel with straight grain American Hickory handles. Weights are approximate.

UPC Code: 705442000679

Wood Handles
Wood Handles Provides a traditional, natural look and feel to a modern tool. Wood absorbs shock well and is popular in axe handles.
Cold Steel 90RH Rifleman's Hawk Drop Forged Tomahawk & Hammer 22" Overallrated 4.310 stars out of 5 (42 reviews)
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Cold Steel 90RH Rifleman's Hawk Drop Forged Tomahawk & Hammer 22" Overall
rated 4 stars out of 5
Bad Day
North Florida
Jun 12, 2020
Make It Yours
Stripped the finish off the head and blued it. Threw out the set screw. Sanded down the handle for a good fit then took the torch to it and stained it. Had to take a file to put an edge on it but it's pretty good now.Tried it out and it worked well but figured with a longer handle, it would make a fine camp axe so went ahead and bought the 30" replacement handle. Now it's danged-near perfect.Just gotta put in a little work to make it yours.
Cold Steel 90RH Rifleman's Hawk Drop Forged Tomahawk & Hammer 22" Overall
rated 5 stars out of 5
Dsm iowa
Mar 15, 2020
Pros: Head Material, Weight, Balance
Cons: Construction, None
Cold steel riflemans hawk
Very heavy powerful head. Comes rough but perfect project hawk. A little tlc this hawk is comparable to the finest production hawks out there.
Cold Steel 90RH Rifleman's Hawk Drop Forged Tomahawk & Hammer 22" Overall
rated 1 stars out of 5
Colorado Mountains
Mar 22, 2019
Pros: Head Material, None
Cons: Construction, Balance, Handle Material
Don’t buy-
Decent steel and edge....after that nothing is right. The head is loose and sloppy even with the set screw. Sure I can fix this but it should come secured. The wood grain alignment to the head is at best 15 degrees off which isn’t bad for show but not for a use/tool grade My opinion is the balance is off. Perhaps this is due to a fairly skinny handle (I have “average men’s size hands M/L). For the price you might luck into a better one but I’m going to toss into my “fix later box.” I’ve had good luck with KnifeCenter in the past so I don’t fault them and won’t waste their/my time on sending it back.
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