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CIVIVI is a subset brand of We Knife Company, aimed to offer budget knives to their consumers that do not sacrifice on quality. We Knives was founded in 2000, and since then have become a well-known, capable manufacturer widely considered one of the best values in the industry. They've taken all they've learned over the years and translated that directly into products they know their consumers want and will recommend to their family and friends.

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CIVIVI Knives C801 Backlash Flipper
The Backlash is just the right size for any task and a lightweight, high-value EDC or tactical option that just works.
CIVIVI Knives C802 Naja Flippers
The Naja is an organically curved tactical blade that would also make a pretty darn nice survival knife.
CIVIVI Knives C803 Praxis Flipper Knives
If you're looking for one knife that can handle everything life throws at you, the Praxis is that knife.
CIVIVI Knives C804 Courser Flippers
Whether you're skinning a duck, breaking down a deer or whittling around the campfire, the Courser will get the job done.
CIVIVI Knives C805 Aquila Folders
Pointy like a quill, the Aquila flipper is a slender design with a rugged build and ceramic bearings for supremely smooth action.
CIVIVI Knives C806 Shard Flippers
The Shard is a bright, colorful EDC piece from CIVIVI Knives that won't draw unwanted attention when out and about.
CIVIVI Knives C901 Statera Flipper Knives
With its beautiful blade fuller, ceramic bearings, and stylish carbon fiber overlays, the Statera is a knife that cuts in a league above its price point.
CIVIVI Knives C902 Wyvern Flippers
The Wyvern is a KnifeCenter favorite for its smooth action, excellent ergonomics, and dragonskin texture that looks as good as it feels.
CIVIVI Knives C903 Anthropos Flippers
The Anthropos is CIVIVI's first design under Elijah Isham and it's a short yet wide knife that's built for slicing.
CIVIVI Knives C904 Plethiros Flippers
From designer Elijah Isham, the Plethiros features his signature sweeping design and a small flipper tab that hides in the handle when the blade is deployed.
CIVIVI Knives C905 Mckenna Front Flippers
For EDC on a budget yet still looking to stand out from the crowd, the Mckenna front flipper is just that kind of knife.
CIVIVI Knives C906 Durus Flipper Knives
The Durus looks like a shrunken down tactical knife which is precisely what makes it such a competitive EDC as it's just downright tough as nails.
CIVIVI Knives C907 Elementum Folders
The Elementum is a no-frills, straight down to business utility folding knife that will appeal to just about anybody.
CIVIVI Knives C908 Incite Flippers
The Incite is a handsome utility knife that extends into the tactical realm with its large drop point blade and stout, ergonomic handle.
CIVIVI Knives C909 Brigand Flippers
With a reverse tanto blade, the Brigand is a knife you turn to when you need to get work done.
CIVIVI Knives C910 Little Fiend Flippers
The Little Fiend is a great everyday carry knife that will always be there for you and never disappoint.
CIVIVI Knives C911 Governor Folding Knives
The Governor has an executive look but at 8.74" overall, is all business when push comes to shove.
CIVIVI Knives C912 Shredder Flippers
The Shredder has a great combination of size and strength to weight ratio and flipping action on par with the best in the business.
CIVIVI Knives C913 Hooligan Folding Knives
The Hooligan is a compact yet hard use EDC knife with smooth action and outstanding ergonomics - perfect for those with smaller hands.
CIVIVI Knives C914 Rustic Gent Lockback Folders
The Rustic Gent is a stylish gentleman's pocket knife with a tough build quality and lockback mechanism so it's ready to be put to work.
CIVIVI Knives CP-01 C-Quill Bolt-Action Pen
The C-Quill is an aluminum body tactical pen with carbide glass breaker and bolt-action mechanism that is almost an industry standard at this point.